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International project management expertise in digital and content marketing, social media and event management. Over the last 10 years, I’ve coordinated projects that have helped organizations leave their impact through comprehensive and dynamic marketing solutions.


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I coordinate content marketing projects by successfully leading teams of content specialists, editors, proofreaders, translators and project stakeholders. I coordinate content production strategy, planning, budget, scheduling and monitoring/control.

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I offer branding strategy to organizations that want to build their corporate identity and develop branding solutions to develop, refine or renovate their brand image.

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I manage and coordinate private and public events for organizations by providing a unique and professional service with high impact and quality. I provide tailored and creative solutions to each business.

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Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Henry Ford

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Professional Experience

For more than 7 years, I’ve been assisting individuals and businesses in defining and fulfilling their communication and marketing objectives. Having worked with industry-leading clients across Europe and US, I’ve managed to earn the reputation as a reliable and goal driven oriented professional. I’ve offered clients a wide range of customized services meant to drive success. Take a look at who I’ve worked with and get in touch with me today to fulfill your marketing goals.

UCLA Library

University of Southern California
Los Angeles, US

For UCLA Library, I successfully delivered a complex website redesign project, focusing on UX research and design. I managed a relevant number of internal and external stakeholders and coordinated resources, budget, processes and tasks among different teams.



Startup Accelerator
Los Angeles, US

I am really enjoying collaborating with this client, as it is a professionally challenging yet rewarding experience. From the early planning of the Startup Program all the way through the coordination of the accelerator activities and courses offered every quarter. I am also involved in partnerships and new business. M Accelerator is a wonderful partner to work with.



Barcelona, Spain

In my PM role for the content department I successfully delivered complex content marketing projects across 13 countries in Europe on Michael Page and Page Personnel websites, managing a relevant number of international, internal and external stakeholders. 



New York, US

I really enjoyed working for the Italian Cultural Institute. I was in charge of the Communication and Events activities together with supporting  the coordination of the Italian classes. It was an amazing chance to closely work with the Italian community in New York.

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San Diego, US

Among my latest clients I worked for The San Diego Italian Film Festival, a cultural organization which manages Italian art, film, wine and food events all over the year, together with a main film festival event in the month of October. For their art and film events I was in charge of the social media marketing and communication strategy. I also managed digital marketing activities and partners’/fundraisers coordination.



Marketing Agency
San Diego, US

Working for this disruptive Marketing Agency in San Diego was a successful and professionally enrichful experience. I worked with the Social Media team for the implementation of creative and content strategies on social media together with Facebook advertising and data analysis and report for our clients in fashion, hospitality, retail and hospitality industries. I also managed some relevant activities concerning press reviews, media relations and  events coordination.



Hotel Consulting
Catania, Italy

During my job experience for this Hotel Management agency I was in charge of the social media and digital marketing strategies together with press office and events coordination for our clients in the hospitality industry. We managed digital marketing and events for hotels all over Italy, together with conferences and workshops for professionals working in the industry. We managed events from 50 to 300 people.

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Online retail
Milan, Italy

This professional experience in the International PR Department gave me the opportunity to deal with international clients and brands and to work in a multicultural and challenging working environment. I managed international events and press office activities for several challenging projects.

Advertising Agency


Advertising Agency
Milan, Italy

I have supported the advertising team in the accounting activities with the clients for the development of advertising campaigns. I closely worked with the creative team to provide high quality products to our clients in the retail industry.

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Helena has done a great job supporting our regional content marketing efforts. She has driven several high-impact (global) content projects, while structuring the planning, delivery and reporting processes – contributing substantially to shape the role to what it is today.

Professional Feedback

PIETER BAILLEUL, Head of Brand and Content Marketing, Page Group

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